Counselling Services

Legal Audit and Mercantile Consulting

We provide businesses legal assistance and detailed analysis of their activities, in order to ensure the availability, for the same company or to third parties, of a document of Due Diligence, essential tool for evaluating the efficacy of the business activities

Companies assistance and crisis management

We support companies in both financial and management, during critical moments aiming at solving the crisis successfully at the lowest possible cost. For those companies with a great volume of production and an important number of debtors or unpaid, we have comprehensive recovery system, in and out of the Court, limiting procedural costs and giving a high rate of recovered payments.

Familiar companies succession planning

The family business presents special peculiarities that require an organized succession planning in order to manage property, control the business and take more advantages from special legal structures.


We act as Trustee for the benefit of the client in whatsoever operation. We act as Managers or Representative for those clients willing to act on the background of the company.

Internationalization of the business and foreign investments

We offer small and medium-sized companies the chance to expand their markets, buying or selling abroad. We make it possible also without big corporate structures and under all the guarantees offered by international law.

Real estate mediation

Without being our core activity, we are often entrusted by our clients with their real estate business: building, land or industrial premises. The Clients always keep the control on the legal security of these operations and we offer absolute confidentiality as a plus benefit.

Negotiation, arbitration and conciliation court

We deal with mediation in cases of conflict of interest, even within the same company, acting as mediators or arbitrators for resolving conflicts otherwise difficult to manage in the courts, thus ensuring savings in terms of costs and of time.

H.R. restructuring plan

We achieve Human Resources and Business optimization, auditing and evaluating personnel capacities and procedures. Managers Renovation and Human Resources restructuring plans.

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