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As a result of the health crisis provoked by COVID-19  and the declaration of the state of alarm, different measures have been adopted to face the economic and social impact that the crisis implicates in the day-to-day life of everyone, on both the personal and business levels.

Counsel A&C offers services related to the crisis provoked by COVID-19. 

Renegotiation of  contracts

In extraordinary circumstances such as the ones we are living currently, you have the right to the revision of a contract if you can not comply with the terms as agreed to as a result of the Coronavirus crisis.  

At COUNSEL ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES we can advise you about how to revise your contracts and we can help you renegotiate it so that it will have new conditions which you will be able to comply.

Claim for the Cancellation of the MWC

The  Mobile World Congress 2020 was officially cancelled by the organizers  (GSMA) on February 12th, 2020 for economic and image reasons, and not for a real danger as a result of the Coronavirus, because at the time of cancellation there was no case of Coronavirus in Spain. 

COUNSEL ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES offers legal services to make a claim so that your business can recover the economic damages caused by the cancellation of the MWC.

Meetings of Corporate Entities on-line

Different measures have been adopted by the Spanish government to allow corporate entities to hold meetings on-line as a result of the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 ; for the duration of the state of alarm. 

We can help your business to hold legally valid meetings through videoconference, with the presence of a Notary if so required.  We also offer legal advisement about the other extraordinary conditions for corporate entities adopted by the Government. 

Case of Temporary Lay-offs (ERTE)

The labor legislation and the urgent measures approved by the Spanish government, to face the epedemic produced by Covid-19, offer you as a solution to the paralisis of the activity of your business, the possibility to present a CASE OF TEMPORARY LAY-OFFS of your workers (ERTE).

At COUNSEL ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES we assist you in the preperation of the necessary documentation and the processing of the ERTE for your business, to permit you to overcome tis difficult situation.

Claim for the cancellation of reservations by Airbnb y Booking

Faced with the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, Airbnb and Booking have also taken a number of measures against Coronavirus, which only favors the Guests, creating a serious imbalance between the parties, and levaing the property owners without reservations.  

If you are a Host on Airbnb or Booking and are in this situation,  do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you on your rights. 

Suspension of payment of Mortgages

Those who have a mortgage loan or credit, contracted for the acquisition of their habitual home, and find themselves in a vulnerable economic position caused by the Coronavirus crisis, can ask for the supension of payment. 

COUNSEL ABOGADOS Y CONSULTORES can help you with the preperation and presentation of the application for the suspension of payment.

Holografic Wills

Are you thinking about writing your will? Do you know that you can write your own will without leaving the house, and it will be perfectly valid and equally comparable to a Notarised will?  

At Counsel A&C we advise you so that you can write a valid will, in holographic form and without leaving the comfort of your home. We take care of the procedures for its posterior preservation and authorization before a Notary, with the maximum guarantees of confidentiality and security. 

Advisement about Bankruptcy rights

The Spanish Government, through the Royal Decree of 8/2020, of March 17th, 2020, has engaged in the regulation of the situation in which companies find themselves that, in normal circumstances, they should seek a declaration of bankruptcy. 

If your company is suffering serious economic consequences because of the COVID-19, we can help you with a declaration of bankruptcy.


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